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Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Youth Opportunities Office (YOO)

YOO was established in May of 1998 under the Department of Parks and Recreation. It was through a collaborative effort of the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Beach City Public Schools. YOO strives to promote positive youth development for all Virginia Beach youth from birth to 21 years of age through: Collaboration and Partnerships, Education and Training, Awareness, Youth Civic Engagement, and Community Involvement and Investment.

Mayor’s Youth Leaders in Action (MYLA) – Established 2000 Leadership program for middle and high school students.

  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Education
  • Representation

Contact – Anny Maurice, Program Coordinator

Phone 757-385-1084 | | webpage

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) – Established 2009, Employment opportunities for Virginia Beach youth ages 16-21.

  • Traditionally an eight-week program for earning and learning
  • Valuable hands-on work experience
  • Financial education

Contact – Andrea Holloman, Program Coordinator

Phone 757-385-0432 |email | webpage

Teen Media Studio – Established 2012, studio focuses on introducing youth to the field of digital media.

  • Digital media formats
  • Camps/Programs
  • Partnerships
  • Studio time available for one-on-one sessions

Contact – Tre Hill, Program Coordinator

Phone 757-385.2964 | | webpage

Volunteer For Us! We need dedicated team players to share your valuable time and unique skills. Through volunteering, you can inspire others by giving the gift of friendship to a senior citizen or protect the city’s natural beauty, all while meeting diverse individuals who share your commitment to making a difference in the community

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Adopt-A-Programs
  • Athletics/Sports
  • Aquatics
  • Child Care (Out-of-School Time) Programs
  • Environmental/Outdoor Programs
  • Inclusion Support
  • Park & Landscape Services
  • Recreation Center Ambassador
  • Special Events Assistant
  • Targeted Cleanup
  • Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Complete Volunteer Interest Form at | contact 757-385-1100 | email

Reduced Fee Membership Information

We know how important our services are to you — and we understand how stressful it is when your budget is tight. We have an option which may help ease the financial burden by providing Virginia Beach residents a 50% reduction in the annual membership fee for those who qualify. Please review the Reduced Fee Application for eligibility details and application procedures.

Youth Scholarship Fund (YSF) is used to assist youth with opportunities to participate in recreational activities that they may not otherwise be able to afford

  • Annual (12-month) Recreation Center Memberships
  • Licensed Early Childhood Programs
  • School-Based Out-of-School Time Programs
  • Learn to Swim level 1-3 Classes (Including Therapeutic Recreation Learn to Swim)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Camps (School Year Camps & Summer/RISE Camps)
  • Safety Camp

Eligibility for Youth Scholarship

  • Virginia Beach Youth who are currently receiving a Parks & Recreation Reduced Fee Membership
  • Youth who have not received scholarship assistance within the past 12 months
  • Residents whose accounts are current and up to date
  • Please call your local VB recreation center for additional information about Reduced Fee or Youth Scholarship Applications

About Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation strives to promote healthy lifestyles and protect the City's coastal environment, as well as to ensure all residents – regardless of their physical, social and economic circumstances – can access Parks & Recreation programs. The department's vision is to be the national leader in providing enriching and memorable lifelong experiences. Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation is accredited by CAPRA, the certifying agency of the National Recreation and Park Association. For more information, visit or call (757) 385-1100 (TTY: 757-711 Virginia Relay). Sign up for Parks & Rec email newsletters at Find us on Facebook at

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