A Historic Community in the City of Virginia Beach, VA - Company Message
The Seatack Community is an over 200 years old community in , VA and will its of and prestige, this generation and beyond.
The Seatack Community League is an over 106 year old civic organization dedicated to making our community a  safe place to call home.   The first record of Seatack citizens joining together for civic purpose and common good was recorded in 1908.   Seatack came together to the first Seatack  school at Mt. Olive for the children of Seatack.  This was the first school established by in Old County, today City of Virginia Beach.  Seatack has been strong supporters for its children for over 100 years.  Today, the civic league still holds to the value on education, access and recreation for the youth of Seatack. Honored by the City of Virginia on May 17, 2014 as "Virginia Beach's Best All Around for Civic League".  The first to be so honored by the city.
As a community, Seatack empowers its members to become active in the community through advocacy, healthy lifestyles, education and civic league participation and support. 
Membership  : Regular SCCL  is $12 per  year (January 1 - December 31) no matter what month you . SCCL Life Membership is $ 250.00  and is open to all residents, friends, and supporters of the Seatack Community.

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